Surveying and Engineering Excellence

About KWP Associates, Inc.

   KWP Associates is a consulting surveying and engineering firm licensed in 2 states (Connecticut and Massachusetts) with a staff of 14 located in Pomfret, CT. KWP Associates was established in 1961 as Kieltyka Engineersand Woodis, a small surveying and mapping company and later in the 1960's merged with William Pike, the third generation in a line of very active Windham County surveyors. This merger resulted in the acquisition of a vast library of surveys performed by the Pike family dating back to the late 1800's. In the course of over 40 years of service, KWP has grown to include a full range of consulting services. In 1988, consulting civil engineering was added to the roster of services offered and in 1992, a fully equipped soil and concrete testing laboratory was established. In 1995, full-time construction inspection capability was added. KWP continues to explore new opportunities to better serve our Engineerclients' needs through expanded services and by keeping abreast of the latest technological developments within our present range of services.

   The principals of the KWP Associates are Terence P. Chambers, P.E. and Bruce Woodis, L.S., President and Director of Surveying Services.

   KWP Associates has a CONNDOT approved Affirmative Action Program, and is a certified State of Connecticut Small Business Enterprise (Certification #405288).

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